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Determining the exact sales tax that is applicable to you can be a complex procedure. Sales Tax Calculation by our Xero certified bookkeeper is more accurate, error-free reporting & proper manageable. We would help you simplify this process by providing consultation to you by keeping in mind the service tax laws that are applicable to you in accordance with the nature of activity you perform. We will work with you to plan your business activities in a way that they are in line with the applicable service tax laws.

A major part of our service includes sales tax registration, maintaining all the records in the format that they are required by regulations and sales tax calculation. Along with these, we also help in calculating tax returns, service tax planning, as well as the calculation of applicable tax credits.

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In Australia, the sales tax is calculated as the GST or the goods and services tax. It is a value added tax which is levied on most goods and services. This tax is levied on almost all tasks on the production process, but all the parties, except the end consumer, can file the tax return.

All the Australian businesses who have their turnover above a certain threshold are supposed to register themselves for this tax. When you work with us, we would help you with the registration process. Even the firms who have not yet reached the minimum threshold can register themselves. The advantage of registering is that you can charge the sales tax to your customers are file for tax returns for your expenditures.

The rate of the tax varies from goods and services. We will help you figure out how to navigate this complex structure with our sales tax calculation services. We will maintain the books of accounts in a way that there are regulations and then help you calculate the exact amount of sales tax that you need to pay as well as assist you with the calculation and filing of tax returns.

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