Business Activity Statement Preparation

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Are you concerning the lodging of business activity statement? You have much better things to do than spending time in this process. It is again a high probability that you are stressed out about the entire process!

This is precisely what we at Account Consultant are for! We offer a plethora of services and lodging options. It is bound to suffice your business whether small, medium or big.

Business Activity Statement

  • We prepare the business activity statement from business data. And, this we pursue with complete precision.
  • We pursue electronic lodging of business activity statements. Hence, you need not be perturbed at all.
  • We provide with that personalised advice on BAS provisions. It involves GST, PAYG, Fringe benefits, tax fuel, withholdings, instalments, tax credits, etc. indeed, we customise for our clients.
  • We also get prepared instalment activity statements and employee payment summaries.
  • We manage the financial data files. Your finances are in safe hands with us.
  • We prepare reports for business tax returns. You have that much-required peace of mind with us.
  • We can handle payroll and superannuation obligations.

You will be able to benefit from Business Activity Statement preparation with us in the following way:-

  • We offer a cost-effective process.
  • It saves you time. It is this time, which you can utilise for other more useful aspects of growing your business.
  • With the customised service, you will be able to avail business and industry-specific solution.

At Account-Consultant, our friendly, service orientated team offer a range of BAS Preparation and lodgement options to suit small business-mid size owners. We ensure your wages are correctly entered into your Business activity statements and your tax credits are calculated to ensure you only pay the required amount.

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