Account Consultant is a part of RayVat, a leading outsourcing firm established since 2007. We from Rayvat have an uncanny ability to increase business income, riches, and achievement. We have revealed shrouded resources for the bookkeeping services, accounting services, payroll services, disregarded open doors and underestimated potential outcomes. This ability set has caught the consideration and regard of CEOs, smash hit authors, business visionaries, and marketing experts. Our clients go from business eminence to entrepreneurs. Be that as it may, they all make the thing in like manner – mostly every one of them has profited significantly from our expertise. Numerous clients recognise that our endeavours and thoughts have prompt a large number of dollars of profit increase.


Our services help you find more time to focus on your core business, while keeping your
accounting under control.








Xero Certified Advisor

Talk with Xero Certified Advisor & find the most optimal solution for your small businesses in Australia & New Zealand. Account Consultant helps you from every corner and allowing you take control and plan for the future.

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“Bookkeeping is no longer about data entry, it’s about knowing and understanding your numbers.”

We help you with bookkeeping management that will reconcile your ledgers and set up your salary proclamation, accounting report and all your budgetary reports. Any open door we find to spare you money, we’ll let you know. Have questions or simply need to check in? Send our master a snappy message. It’s much the same as messaging a companion, yet this companion will help you spare money.

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We at Accountant consultant focus on the confidentiality of the client information and ensure that the client information is safely secured in our work environment.

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Client relations are at a helm of our affairs. We believe in long term client relationships creating a win situation for clients as well as Accountant consultant.

Ethics and integrity

We at Accountant consultant keep highest work ethics which is reflected in our work as well as client relationship. Ethics and integrity is imbibed in our work culture at Rayvat.

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