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Account Consultant offers the variety of tax filing & tax preparation services and each one of them is tailored to help your business achieve its goals. Your tax issues determine the future of your business, but the Australian tax system is complicated for individuals and companies and will take you forever to master. Being a leading provider of tax services, Account Consultant provides unique and cost-effective solutions developed by our expert small business tax accountants.

Team at Account Consultant consists of professional tax experts who are well-versed with tax issues both local and international issues. Our services run deep including tax consolidation, transfer pricing, executive remuneration, and transfer pricing.

Regardless of the size of your business, Account Consultant helps businesses of any sized to address various tax issues including GST, BAS Filing, IAS Filing & International Tax. No matter how complex an issue may look, as long as it’s about taxation, we will handle it.

Small Business Tax Services


GST Services

GST services or goods and services tax is a 10% broad-based tax on services, goods, and items consumed or sold in Australia. Most businesses based in Australia are affected by this tax.

The process of filing GST tax is not easy for ordinary investors, and we show you how to collect from sales and pay it on time to ATO or the Australian Taxation Office.

BAS Filing

Every business that is registered for GST needs a BAS or business activity statement. You get BAS automatically after registering for GST or to get an Australian business number when time lodge comes. We also fill out the sections known as labels according to how you want to make reports and payments.

BAS Filing
IAS Filing

IAS Filing

Instalment Activity Statement or IAS is an alternative form for those not registered for GST. You also need to lodge it if your Business Activity Statement is prepared quarterly. IAS document is issued monthly by Australian Taxation Office showing a summary of PAYG (pay as you go) withholding, PAYG, and ABN withholding. We help you handle issues regarding all these and what to if you make over $25 every year. Being tax experts, we know the time frames and we help you make all these preparations while you concentrate on other areas of your business.

International Tax

Our international tax services are for anyone who wants to expand their business overseas or foreign investors with business in Australia. Non-compliance attracts penalties, and local Australia tax laws are a complex web that only professionals can handle on behalf of those seeking international tax solutions.

International Tax

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Talk with tax accountant at Account Consultant to fix the critical tax issue of your business. This will help you save in the long run from reduced taxation. We have extensive knowledge and experience regarding overseas regulatory and OTO bodies. We will position strategically in the Australian market by identifying and solving any issue that may affect your business; you can talk to us for the following

Australian tax can be problematic for both locals and Aussies abroad. Do not miss out opportunities because tax is a big matter for any business owner and you should not take as simple as you think

Contact us now and we will guide you in every step.

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