Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing For Quickbooks To Xero Migration

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing For Quickbooks To Xero Migration

Let us assume that you are a small business owner based in the united states of America, and you hear quite a lot about Xero. That has made you curious. Would it not be marvellous if you could see how Xero works using your data? With a New Service, Quickbooks to Xero Migration, you can now import your data for free!

Especially in accounting, before testing any new software or a service, if real-time data used, it becomes way easier to make a decision. Many Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services agencies would help you import data from Quickbooks to Xero.

List Of Things You Can Convert With QuickBooks To Xero Migration

So what are the things that converted when you choose to Switch QuickBooks to Xero? Below is the list of some such products:

  • Bank Receivables And Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • List of Accounts
  • Details of Your Company
  • One Account Receivable
  • Details of Your Suppliers
  • Journal Entries
  • Details of Your Customers
  • One Account Payable
  • Invoices
  • Bills

For the free trial version, you can convert only current and fiscal year’s data. Once you are satisfied, you can opt for full conversion with the paid service. The products that offer this service are all QuickBooks Software, i.e. Primary, pro, simple start, online, mac, and premier, that support US versions 2007 and later.

But bear in mind that there are certain things that the QuickBooks to Xero Migration will not support. These points are, you would not be able to transfer inventory assemblies as well as activities. In the free version, you can work on only one currency. This service is not available for enterprise editions.

This service is only available for US versions of QuickBooks. Xero does not allow to create journal entries from accounts receivable and payable. If you keep these in mind, your process of converting QuickBooks to Xero would be a piece of the case. Just Contact an Account Consultant if you need any other assistance.

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